Roblox – Where Creativity Meetings Gaming

Download Roblox and marvel at the wonders created before you.


Roblox – Where Creativity Meetings Gaming

ather than just being an online gaming platform, Roblox allows users to program and bring their games and ideas to life! That's whag will shock you right from the first second of playing this outstanding game! Let's enjoy!

A Brief Background of Roblox

Roblox uses the programming language called Lua. What this platform lets you do is take complete control over what gaming means to you, and enjoy in what it means to other plays.

In a nutshell, this app lets you play games designed by others, and design your own games. There are practically no limits for your imagination to flourish!

By August of 2019, Roblox had over 100 million users online every month. By may 2020, the 16 most popular games on this platform have been played more than one billion times each. 5000 other games have been played more than one million times.


The engine users can use for free is Roblox Studio. This handy little software allows coding under around objects in a virtual world. The atmosphere and environment of the game can be changed according to whatever the designer wants.

Money Making System

If you’re working hard to design a game for players, you’ll likely want to be paid for your efforts. But the app is free to download and there’s plenty of content for users to play already. So what Roblox do for you?

As a developer, you are at complete liberty to create buyable content in your game. These items are often referred to as game passes. An alternative way for you to make money is to get into microtransactions. Unlike game passes, these can be purchased more than once. You are free to create and price them as you see fit.

However, it may not be completely without a cost. As a developer who is providing you a platform, Roblox Corporation has a cut in the earnings you make off of their platform. But this percentage is still relatively small to the amount you’ll be making.

The app operates through its online currency system of Robux. You can earn this currency in the game and either spend it on games developed by other players, or convert it into real life cash through the platform’s website. It’s quick, easy, and fun for everyone!

Roblox – Where Creativity Meetings Gaming


Keep in mind that while items can be bought by practically anyone, only those people with a premium membership will be allowed to sell items.

A majorly noticeable feature of this membership is that it gets you access to a recurring stipend. You can use these to purchase Robux.

Another point to note is that only the official Roblox developers can sell items such as accessories, gear, and body parts.

Special Events Hosted

Roblox has a habit of taking to the big stage for its platform.

In order to encourage better developments from its users, there’s an annual Roblox Developers Conference. The top content creators are invited to attend this 3-day event at San Francisco. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!

Special Features in Roblox

Millions of realities:The game is played by millions of players, and millions of developers are involved. There's so much to do plenty to see and think the worlds you can explore are practically endless. And the best part is that each world comes with its own variety. You probably won't get to see the same thing twice as each developer gets their own special influence on what you are playing.


Socialize:You can play this game in multiplayer mode all you need is an Internet connection and then you can explore different worlds with other players. So, talk, socialize, explore, make new friends and learn from strangers. With private messaging features, being together with friends has never been easier.

Opportunity for Exposure: This platform is a great way to get your skills out there so whether you are looking to just get some exposure or if you want to take this job seriously in the future this platform equips you with all the necessary tools you need to explore this field.

Notable Games to Try

Here are some games you should try on Roblox

  • Adopt Me!
  • Jailbreak
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Natural Disaster Survival
  • Work at a Pizza Place

If you want to get right into the action, then give these links a try:




Roblox – Where Creativity Meetings Gaming


In conclusion, this platform is one of the best you will ever find. It lacks any significant bugs, and it has a great user base. With friendly people and the equipment to let your mind loose, you are bound to have fun.